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The old WinterHome had quite an extensive Links Page, and I was simply going to transfer it to the new version, however when I started checking out the links to see if they still existed, I found that more than three quarters of them brought up the dreaded 404 error message, and of those that were still around, few had been updated or touched since 2000. It's a great shame, because many of the Wiccan and Pagan sites I had bookmarked were extremely good and informative.  In time, I may do some more research and make a new Links list, but for the moment all I can do is recommend you use Google, and search for such keywords as wicca, pagan, magick, spells, herbs, book of shadows, etc., etc.  You'll find Google extremely good, I can assure you.

Over the years, the old WinterHome picked up over fifteen pages worth of Awards and commendations, but I'm not putting them up either, for the same reason - most of the sites that gave me those Awards and commendations no longer exist.  Of course, if anyone wants to give me an Award or two now, I might start up a new Awards page - who knows? I no longer give awards as well, because I simply don't have time to go through the Three C's in minute detail (Content, Context, and Construction)

So for the nonce, this page shall remain as it is, and remember...  Google is your friend!


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