transbrd.gif (859 bytes) Medieval welcome mat
transbrd.gif (859 bytes)
"Medieval" was designed on and principally for a 1024X768 screen, however it should work just as well on an 800X600 screen, as long as you remember to adjust the table sizes accordingly (you may need to experiment a little bit with this - if you are not conversant with the way tables work, perhaps you'd better use something specifically designed for use on an 800X600 screen!)  Tables, and a transparent gif image, are used to keep the text neatly in the middle, where it belongs, and to stop it from "bleeding" into the side borders.  Right click on these images and the wallpaper to download, or you can download the entire set in a zipped file from the bottom of the page.

Medieval left deco divider bar

I have called this set "Medieval" for no better reason than that it looked sort of "medieval-ish" when I was making it.  If you can think of a better name for this set, please feel free to email me!

These graphics form a set - they were created for and on this background.   Try to use the individual graphics on any other background and I think you'll wish you hadn't!  You are under no obligation to link back to Digital Tapestries if you use this set, however If you do wish to let people know where you got it, you can use the little matching logo included with the buttons below.

And now, here's the full set for you!

transbrd.gif (859 bytes)

Medieval welcome mat

Medieval right deco divider bar

Medieval back button       Medieval home button      Medieval next button

Medieval decorative buttonMedieval decorative buttonMedieval decorative buttonMedieval decorative button

Medieval weblog/journal button       Medieval personal button       Medieval gallery/workshop button

Medieval resources/links button       Medieval forum/message area button      Medieval postcards button

Medieval small bullet   Medieval large bullet   Medieval small bullet

Medieval people button       Medieval places button       Medieval things button

Medieval guestbook button       Medieval updates/news button       Medieval email button

Medieval left deco divider bar

"Medieval" uses the font Christmas Card on the buttons - other co-ordinated colours used for this set are:
  • Main Text #584A45
  • Hyperlink #826A57 - bold
  • Visited Hyperlink #826A57 - bold
  • Active Hyperlink #584A45

The lovely design came from one of Nancy's BladePro presets at The Treasure Trove.  Even if you're not into graphics yourself, do go along and have a look - they're very beautiful just simply to look at and enjoy the pretty colours!

Get the whole thing here



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