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Plum Duff Welcome Mat
Plum Duff bar

Although "Plum Duff" has been specifically designed for use on an 800x600 screen, it will work (after a fashion) on a 1024X768 screen as well, and uses tables to keep the text neatly in the middle, where it belongs.

Right click on these images and the wallpaper to download, or If you are not conversant with tables, or the use of transparent .gifs for correct text placement, you can download the entire set in a zipped file from the bottom of the page.

Plum Duff bar

Plum Duff - I'm not exactly sure what it is, but... it sounds rich, and fattening, and plummy, and delicious... especially served with thick whipped cream and maybe a couple of blueberries as a garnish... (now I've made me hungry!)  I don't really think this set is edible, but like its name, it's rich, and plummy, and probably quite fattening.  Sorry, I don't have any whipped cream or blueberry garnishes handy...

I digress... 

These graphics form a set - they were created for and on this background.   Try to use the individual graphics on any other background and I think you'll wish you hadn't!  You are under no obligation to link back to Digital Tapestries if you use this set, however If you do wish to let people know where you got it, you can use the little matching logo included with the buttons below

And now, here's the full set for you!

Plum Duff Welcome Mat
Plum Duff bar

Plum Duff back buttonPlum Duff home buttonPlum Duff next button

Plum Duff small bulletPlum Duff large bulletPlum Duff small bullet

Plum Duff journal buttonPlum Duff personal buttonPlum Duff gallery button
Plum Duff resources buttonPlum Duff forum buttonPlum Duff webrings button
Plum Duff friends buttonPlum Duff causes buttonPlum Duff updates button
Plum Duff small bulletPlum Duff large bulletPlum Duff small bullet

Plum Duff guestbook buttonPlum Duff blank buttonPlum Duff awards button
Plum Duff email button

Plum Duff bar

"Plum Duff" uses the font "Morpheus" on the buttons - other co-ordinated colours used for this set are:
  • Main Text #DBC3D6
  • Hyperlink #DBC3D6 (bold)
  • Visited Hyperlink #DBC3D6 (bold)
  • Active Hyperlink #DBC3D6

Get the whole thing here

Cathedral Graphics - superb web apparel by Winter

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