WARNING!  "Theban Lotus" has been specifically designed for use on a 1024X768 screen and may not display correctly in 800X600 screen mode!  This set uses tables to keep the text neatly in the middle, where it belongs, and although it might work (after a fashion) on an 800X600 screen, you will definately need to change the size of the tables containing the text!

Right click on these images and the wallpaper to download, or If you are not conversant with frames, tables, or the use of transparent .gifs for correct text placement, you can download the entire set in a zipped file from the bottom of the page.

As you may have noticed, this is a "Frames" set.   "Why use frames?", you may ask.  Frames keep page loading time down to a minimum - once the frameset has been downloaded to a browser, it stays there as visitors view your site.   Instead of a new page of graphics having to be downloaded or updated all the time, only the middle or bottom part of the page needs to change, thereby saving time and bandwidth.

Theban Lotus divider bar

Whilst fiddling around making some textured tiles with Super BladePro, I came up with the tile that you see as the "filler" in the column on the left.  It reminded me a little of lapis lazuli, a stone much favoured by the ancient Egyptians (actually it's more like azurite, but never mind - lapis lazuli sounds better!)  Anyway, I was itching to use this textured background as well, and the two together looked... well, a little "ancient Egyptian-ish", especially with the lotus blossom decoration... so... "Theban Lotus" it became.

These graphics form a set - they were created for and on this background.    Try to use the individual graphics on any other background and I think you'll wish you hadn't!  You are under no obligation to link back to Digital Tapestries if you use this set, however If you do wish to let people know where you got it, you can use the little matching logo included with the buttons below

There is no title header per se - the welcome mat is part of the top frame set. However, depending on my mood at the time, you might be able to persuade me to make an alternate header or two for you...  No promises...  And now, here's the full set for you!


Theban Lotus back button      Theban Lotus home button       Theban Lotus next button

Theban Lotus divider bullet


Theban Lotus journal button      Theban Lotus personal button       Theban Lotus gallery button

Theban Lotus links button      Theban Lotus forum button       Theban Lotus webrings button

Theban Lotus friends button      Theban Lotus causes button       Theban Lotus awards button

Theban Lotus guestbook button      Theban Lotus updates button

Theban Lotus email button


"Theban Lotus" uses the font Prakrta on the buttons - other co-ordinated colours used for this set are:

  • Main Text #5E4326 (bold)
  • Hyperlink #555E26 (bold)
  • Visited Hyperlink #555E26 (bold)
  • Active Hyperlink #5E4326 (bold)

Get the whole thing here



the papyrus background tile is from
Anne Shelton's "House of Parchment"



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