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And now a little bit about herbs, magickal and medicinal, that have been used by mankind since the dawn of time....

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Magickal: Agrimony is used in protection spells, and is used to banish negative energies and spirits. It is also used to reverse spells and send them back to the sender. It was believed that placing Agrimony under the head of a sleeping person would cause them to sleep deeply until it was removed. Medicinal: An infusion of the leaves is useful against jaundice and liver problems, and as a diuretic. Also used to treat ulcers, diarrhoea, and skin problems. Used externally for athlete's foot, slow-healing wounds, and insect bites.

Aloe Vera
Magickal: Growing an Aloe Vera plant in the kitchen will help prevent burns and mishaps while cooking. It will also prevent household accidents, and guard against evil. It is reported that Aloe was used to embalm the body of Christ. Medicinal: The gel from the inner part of the leaves can be used to treat burns, skin rashes, and insect bites.

Magickal: Amaranth is used to repair a broken heart. It is also associated with immortality, and is used to decorate images of gods and goddesses. It is sacred to the god Artemis. Woven into a wreath, it is said to render the wearer invisible. Also used in pagan burial ceremonies. Medicinal: Can be used externally to reduce tissue swelling from sprains and insect bites.

Magickal: Grow Angelica in your garden as a protection for garden and home. The root is often used as a protective amulet, and has been used to banish evil by burning the leaves. It is also used to lengthen life, and is used in protection against diseases, as well as to ward off evil spirits. Adding it to a ritual bath will break spells and hexes. It has often been used to ward off evil spirits in the home. Medicinal: Angelica tea is a good herbal tea to take for colic, gas, indigestion, and heartburn, and it also Promotes circulation and energy in the body. Angelica must not be taken by pregnant women and diabetics!

Magickal: Before divination rituals, add a little Anise and Bay Laurel leaves to the bath water. Anise placed around the house wards off evil, and will prevent nightmares when placed in your pillow. Some believe that hanging an Anise seed head on your bedpost will restore lost youth. Medicinal: Anise is a good herb for colic, gas, and indigestion. It can also be used for coughs, as it helps to loosen phlegm.

Magickal: Apple blossom is often used in love and healing incenses and is sometimes given as an offering on Samhain as it is a symbol of immortality. Apple wood is used to make magickal wands, and pouring apple juice or cider on the ground in your garden before you plant invigorates the earth. Medicinal: Apple is very good for constipation because it contains a lot of fibre. When suffering from nausea, grate a little apple and allow it to go brown before eating it - the pectin (which colours the grated apple brown) is excellent for preventing nausea and vomiting. Crushed apple leaves can be rubbed on wounds to prevent infection.

Basil protects from evil and negativity, and aids in attracting and keeping love. It is used for purification baths, and in wealth and prosperity rituals. Carrying a basil leaf in your pocket brings wealth, and if powdered Basil is sprinkled over your mate while they are asleep, it is supposed to eliminate infidelity from your marriage. Medicinal: Basil is used to treat stomach cramps, vomiting, fevers, colds, flu, headaches and menstrual pain. Externally it can be used for insect bites, and oil from the leaves is sometimes used to cure acne.

Bay Laurel
Bay is used for wisdom, protection, clairvoyance, and purification purposes. The smoke from burning leaves is said to enhance psychic powers and produce visions. The leaves can be hung at the highest point in the house for protection. Medicinal: Bay has been used for soothing the stomach and relieving flatulence. Try a tea made from Bay Laurel leaves for minor stomach upsets. Distil an oil or make an ointment from the leaves and rub on the affected areas to relieve the aches and pains associated with rheumatism, sprains and bruises. Scattering crushed leaves in your cupboards and drawers will keep out cockroaches and other insect pests.

Magickal: Also known as Bee Balm, it is often used in money and success spells or rituals. Medicinal: Used to treat nausea and vomiting. A little of the oil from the leaves can be rubbed gently on the forehead and temples to relieve stress, tension and depression.

Magickal: An amulet of Bistort is sometimes carried by women who want to conceive. An infusion of Bistort sprinkled around your home is said to keep away poltergeists and malicious spirits. Medicinal: Bistort is a powerful astringent and a mild infusion can be used as a gargle for sore throats or used externally to stop bleeding.

Magickal: Borage is legendary for its spirit-lifting and courage-inducing properties. Celtic warriors drank wine flavoured with borage to give them courage in battle, and it has always been considered it a very effective anti-depressant for the feeling of elation it induces. For courage, tuck a Borage blossom in your pocket before any stressful situation, or drink a tea or glass of wine flavoured with Borage leaves. Drinking Borage tea is also said to increase psychic powers. Medicinal: Borage has been used since early times in teas to relieve depression and reduce fevers. The flowers or leaves are helpful for relieving the symptoms of bronchitis, and also act as an anti-diarrhoeal remedy. Externally, Borage leaves can also be ground into a paste and make a cooling and soothing remedy for sprains, swelling, and skin inflammations and irritations.

Magickal: Burdock is used in amulets and bowls of potpourri to ward off all sorts of negativity. Medicinal: Burdock is an excellent blood purifier. A tea made of the leaves of Burdock is also used for indigestion.

Magickal: Calendula, also known as Pot Marigold, is believed to be useful for prophetic dreams, protection, respect, and psychic powers, and to be of benefit when legal matters arise. For protection, hang garlands of Calendula over entry doors to prevent evil from entering. Scatter petals under the bed for prophetic dreams and for protection while sleeping. Medicinal: Calendula flowers and leaves can be made into an ointment or powder for a variety of common skin ailments, including cuts, scrapes, abrasions, scalds, blisters, and acne. For bee stings, rub the fresh flowers directly on the sting to relieve the pain. a Calendula rinse made of unsweetened tea brings out the highlights in blonde and brunette hair. Also try running bath water over a mesh bag full of Calendula flowers for a refreshing and stimulating bath that is good for the skin.

Magickal: Caraway is a protection and memory herb, and can be carried in an amulet for protection from evil and for enhanced memory function. Seeds can also be placed in or under a child's bed to protect against disease. Also associated with love, Caraway seeds can be carried to attract and keep a lover, and can be baked into breads, cookies, or cakes to induce lustful behaviour. Medicinal: Caraway seeds and oil have properties associated with improving gastric problems, flatulence, and indigestion. For earache, mash the seeds and place in a hot cloth to be held against the ear. The seeds can also be pounded into a paste to help heal bruises.

Magickal: Catnip is thought to be related to animals, love, luck, happiness, and beauty. Grow Catnip for your cat to create a psychic bond. Carry it with you in an amulet to attract good spirits and good luck. Use larger leaves as bookmarks in magical texts to increase spell powers. Use in a sachet combined with rose petals to attract lovers. Inhale the steam from teas for beauty and happiness spells. Medicinal: Catnip makes a mild, soothing tea which is thought to purify the blood, and has definite merit when used for it's calming and sedative effects, both in adults and in small children. Said to relieve the symptoms of colic in children, it can be used as a digestive aid for adults.

Magickal: Cayenne offers protection, strength, motivation, courage, and increases the size of the individual's aura. The pepper scattered around your house will break bad spells. Adding it to love powders will ensure that your love will be spicy, and can inflame the loved one with passion. Medicinal: Also called capsicum, it is very effective added to liniments for all sorts of arthritis and muscle aches. Internally it benefits the heart and circulation when taken in very small doses alone or added to other remedies. It is also used to stimulate the action of other herbs. Capsicum is also used to normalise blood pressure. Cayenne is safe if used in moderation but can cause problems in people with stomach problems and ulcers.

Magickal: Chamomile is used magically for money, sleep, love, peace, tranquillity, and purification. To attract a lover, run a bath with a bag of Chamomile under the tap water, and wash body, face, and hair with the water. Also, use it in a bath for peace and tranquillity when you are angry or hurt. Washing your hands in Chamomile if you are a gambler is said to increase your chances of winning. Place Chamomile in your pillow for peaceful sleep, and use it to attract money by carrying it with you in charms, or burning it in rituals. Sprinkle the dried flowers around your property for protection from spells or curses. Medicinal: Used in a tea it eases menstrual cramps, stomach cramps, indigestion, flatulence, diarrhoea, fever, colds, congestion, headaches, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, stress, nervousness, and poor digestion. For babies, it is helpful with symptoms of colic and teething pain. Externally, Chamomile flowers can be pounded into a paste and used to treat skin irritations such as ulcers, infections, rashes, and burns. Chamomile in hair rinse water brings out blond and golden highlights.

Magickal: Coriander is a member of the parsley family and has been used since ancient times as an aphrodisiac for love and lust. Growing or hanging it in all four corners of the house is said to offer protection and to get rid of unwelcome guests. Crush and burn Coriander as an incense for the same effect. As a tea it will ease the pain of a broken relationship. Medicinal: Tea made from Coriander seeds often provides soothing relief from upset stomaches and flatulence. A paste made from the seeds will ease the pain of rheumatism.

Magickal: In Fairy Wicca Daisies are used to decorate the home on Midsummer's Eve to bring happiness to the home and to win the favour of the faeries. They also wear them at Midsummer for luck and blessings. Medicinal: A tea made from the leaves can be made as a spring tonic, an expectorant, and to aid circulation. The leaves may also be moistened, crushed and used as a poultice for bruises.

Magickal: Damiana is well known for its aphrodisiac properties and is mainly used to encourage sexual attraction. Medicinal: Damiana can be used as a mild purgative and diuretic. It can also be used as a tonic or stimulant, acting directly on the reproductive organs (hence its reputation as an aphrodisiac)

Magickal: To carry your thoughts to a loved one, near or far, concentrate on what you want them to know whilst blowing the seeds off a ripened Dandelion head. It is said to be a sign of rain when the down from a ripened dandelion head falls when there is no wind. Medicinal: Dandelion is known to benefits all functions of the liver and detoxifies poisons that gather in the liver, spleen, and gall bladder. It will also promote healthy circulation.

Magickal: Dill is commonly used as a protection herb, and often placed in cribs to keep children safe. It can also be carried on the person in an amulet, and dried seed heads are hung in doorways for protection purposes. It is also used in love and lust charms and amulets. Place the seeds in a muslin bag under your shower water, or bath water to make you irresistible to your lover. Dill can also be used in money spells, and can be carried on the person to attract money. Medicinal: Although Dill is used mostly as a culinary herb today, it does have some medicine uses. Dill water is a common, mild remedy for colic in babies and can act as a stomach soother and anti-gas remedy in adults.

Dragon's Blood
Magickal: Dragon's Blood increases the potency of other herbs, and especially when added to love incenses and sachets. It is often used in spells to bring a lover back. A piece of the plant may also be placed under the mattress to cure impotency. Medicinal: Dragon's Blood is an astringent and can be used externally as a wash to promote healing and stop bleeding. Internally it can be used for bleeding following childbirth, internal traumas, and menstrual irregularities.

Magickal: Echinacea is used as an offering to the spirits or gods and goddesses to strengthen a spell or ritual. Medicinal: It is a natural antibiotic, helping to build resistance to colds, flu, and infections. There is some indication that it is beneficial in cancer patients, helping to rejuvenate the system after chemotherapy, and it is widely used as a general blood purifier.

Magickal: The branches are usually used to make magickal wands for ritual. Scattering the leaves in the four winds will bring protection. Grown near the house, it will offer protection to the people living there. It is often used at weddings to bring good luck to the newlyweds. Flutes and pan pipes made form the branches are used to bring forth spirits. Medicinal: Elder is used to cleanse the body, build the blood, treat inflammation, fever, and soothes the respiratory system. The leaves can be used as an antiseptic poultice for external wounds, and as an insect repellent. A tea made from the root can be used as a laxative. Elder can be toxic, as the stems contain cyanide. This herb should not be used internally by pregnant or lactating women.

Magickal: Use this herb when scrying to obtain better results, and add to love charms and amulets of all kinds - it is especially powerful when combined with Vervain and Mistletoe. Medicinal: Usually used in combination with other herbs, but it is also used for intestinal worms, water retention, and to firm the gums and lessen tooth decay. Use externally as a wash for wounds and itching rashes, or burn to repel insects.

Magickal: The leaves release healing energies, and a branch or wreath of Eucalyptus placed over the bed of a sick person will speed the healing process. The oil is added to healing baths, and for purifications. Medicinal: Eucalyptus oil is a powerful antiseptic, and is used to treat gum disease, and on burns to prevent infections. Breathing the fumes from the oil or leaves in a steam bath will help clear the sinuses quickly. When mixed with water or vegetable oils, it makes a good insect repellent. Other than a small drop on the tongue to help ease nausea, consider Eucalyptus for external use only!

Magickal: When cold, gently rub a simple tea made from Eyebright on the eyelids to induce and enhance clairvoyant visions. Medicinal: Stimulates the liver to reduce toxins in the body. Used internally as well as externally it strengthens and heals the eyes, and has been used to heal eye infections such as pink-eye.

Magickal: Wards off negativity and evil and is generally grown near homes for this reason. Medicinal: The seeds of this herb are used in flavouring baked goods; the feathery leaves are often used in fish dishes. Chew the seeds as a digestive aid, to relieve wind, and to stop hunger pains. Brew the seeds as a tea to increase lactation, ease constipation, and regulate menstruation. Create a great deep cleansing facial steam by boiling a Tablespoon of the seeds and a handful of the leaves.

Magickal: Mop your floors with some fenugreek seeds in the water to bring money into the household. Medicinal: Used to soften and expel mucous, it has antiseptic properties and helps kill lung infections. Used with lemon and honey, it is soothing and will help reduce fevers.

Magickal: Feverfew can be carried for protection against illnesses involving fever, and for preventing accidents. Medicinal: A tea of the flowers can be used to treat colds, fevers, flu, and digestive problems. It is often used to end migraines and other headaches.

Magickal: Attracts money and wealth, and is also used in healing rituals and spells. Medicinal: Flax can be used as a mild laxative, and to help in menopause. The oil helps slow the kidney disease that accompanies lupus, and the seeds are currently being studied as a possible cure for cancer.

Magickal: Burn Frankincense incense to raise vibrations, purify, and exorcise. It also aids meditations and visions, and the oil is used to anoint magickal tools and altars. Medicinal: Used to relieve menstrual pains, and to treat rheumatic aches and pains. Externally it is used for liniments and for its antiseptic properties.

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